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Rumah Juara

Our Background

Rumah Juara is set-up in 1998 to provide a home for orphans and abused and under-privileged children from ages 3-19 years old. Juara is a Malay word that stands for victory; Rumah Juara is therefore a place that envisions VICTORY FOR EVERY CHILD, EVERY LIFE. The home is a safe haven that protects the children and provides for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. It seeks to develop them through academic and vocational training. The aim is to raise children who are secure in their identity, strong in character and equip with moral and godly values and good social skills. Rumah Juara is a home for children from various backgrounds. There are a total of 40 children in the home.


To demonstrate God's love by ministering to various group of children that will greatly enhance the values of their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being in accordance with Biblical principles.


  • Give attention in all areas needed, providing basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.

  • Help children in every possible way in their academic advancement.

  • Raise up children in Godly character so that they will be ble to face the challenges of a fallen environment and probably be leaders of their time.

  • Provide counseling to parents who themselves are in need of help because alcholism, drug addiction, illness, and imprisonment.